The EXCITE Newsletter: May 20th, 2021

Good Morning!,

We express gratitude to our partner, CDC, who is initiating with this newsletter a listing of resources (below under CDC Rural Health Partner Updates) that are targeted to our work in implementing our Vaccinate with Confidence efforts and our Immunization Education Pilot Programs.  This listing of CDC resources will be placed on the EXCITE webpage.  As CDC identifies new resources, they will be published in this newsletter and also added to the website.  Please be sure to give this list your review with your proposed project in mind.

Please note – every institution with an EXCITE project needs to respond to this request:

  • Relative to contract agreements, we need your permission to list your institution as an award recipient for EXCITE.  We are ready to announce Activity 1 and soon will be ready to announce Activity 2 recipients.  We ask that Extension Directors, Administrators, or the appropriate person of authority respond to the request so that we can include your institution in any announcements. You can respond to this request at this link. 

My best,

Michelle Rodgers

Associate Dean and Director

University of Delaware

EXCITE Project Director

Kathryn “Katie” Stofer, PhD

Assistant Project Director for Immunization Education, EXCITE

Research Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

University of Florida

EXCITE Application Updates


We are “Excited” about the number of LGU’s that submitted applications for both Activity 1 and Activity 2.  KUDOS to all of us for pulling these together with such an evolving timeframe and amid COVID itself. Notifications will be forthcoming shortly. Announcements of all funding decisions will be made pending approval by each institution.

Upcoming Activity 1 and Activity 2 Kickoff Events

Please plan to have at least the project team lead (or another designated team member) attend one of the two Activy 1 kickoff events.


For applicants for Activity 2, please plan to have the project team lead and as many collaborators at your institution as possible attend the kickoff for Acitiviy 2, should you be funded. In either case, health partners are welcome, but not required for both.

Activity 1 Kickoff

June 10th OR June 14th

2 PM – 4 PM ET


Activity 2 Kickoff

June 23rd

2 PM – 4 PM ET


Input Needed!

During our LGU hesitancy workshop, we found challenges that we have within our own extension system related to vaccine hesitancy. We are considering a project focusing on developing Extension personnel ourselves as key leaders around vaccination, and to do so, need to address our own hesitancy. We are asking for any input you might have – especially surveys, but anecdotal or narrative data is also helpful – about vaccine hesitancy among Extension personnel. This can be COVID vaccination specific or otherwise. Please send anything you have to

CDC Rural Health Partner Updates

Updates as of May 18, 2021

New and Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance

COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence

Communication Toolkits, Social Media, & Other Resources

COVID-19 Case/Vaccination Data & Maps

COVID-19 Publications

News Articles