The EXCITE Newsletter: July 22nd, 2021

Good afternoon,

We just have a few updates to share this week, please see below. Thank you all for your continued efforts in getting your reports to us on time and attending the online engagements. We’ve been so excited to see the amazing work you are all doing to support immunization education in your states and communities.

My best,

Michelle Rodgers

Associate Dean and Director

University of Delaware

EXCITE Project Director

Kathryn “Katie” Stofer, PhD

Assistant Project Director for Immunization Education, EXCITE

Research Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

University of Florida


Activity 1 Projects:

It’s coming up fast – your second monthly report for Activity 1 is due July 31! If you have any questions, please reach out.
Activity 2 Projects:
If you need assistance, please use our Activity 2 Assistance Tool to get you in touch with the best person to assist.