The EXCITE Newsletter: July 29th, 2021

Clarification on Spotlight, Insight, and Strategy Events

We recognize a need to clarify the Spotlight and Insight events so I hope this will be concise and helpful. We also are committed to sharing the agenda in the newsletter and on the EXCITE webpage.




  • A minimum of 1 representative from each Activity 1 Project (3-4:30 pm ET)
  • A minimum of 1 representative from each Activity 2 Project (3-5 pm ET)


  • First Thursday for each month


  • Agenda includes a spotlight on organizational updates and tools, a spotlight on partner resources, and a spotlight on Extension projects as well as sharing among teams with common target populations




  • A minimum of 1 representative from each Activity 2 project


  • Third Thursday 3-5pm Eastern


  • Agenda includes coaching check in with team questions around roadmap and activities, market research, evaluation, and team building and topics requested by teams

Strategy Sessions:



  • A minimum of 1 representative from each Activity 2 project.


  • Quarterly 11:30-3:30 Eastern


  • In-depth coaching and training opportunities developed by team input

Registration for these events is available on the EXCITE website, or directly here. When you register for Spotlight, Strategy, or Insights – you are automatically registered for the entire series. Therefore, you only need to register once. There’s no need to register each month.

Roadmap Request!

Having a good plan is the key to getting where you are going whether driving a car or leading a grant.  Activity 1 and Activity 2 teams are requested to provide a draft of a  1-year plan by completing the roadmaps document on the website.  Because of the short timeframe, A1 plans are requested as soon as possible and A2 teams are encouraged to have a first draft of year 1 ready for discussion at the August Spotlight.


New Funding Opportunities


Our CDC partners alerted us to a new funding opportunity that could be able to support your Vaccinate with Confidence or pilot project efforts! Due August 17, it involves partnership with regional HHS offices and rural communities. See more here:

Activity 1 Reports Due July 31!

Activity 1 reports due July 31 through the same reporting portal as before, password excitea1. Thanks to everyone for completing their June reports!

Thanks for your continued work on your projects, please let us know if you have any questions or how we can best serve you.


Michelle Rodgers

Associate Dean and Director

University of Delaware

EXCITE Project Director

Kathryn “Katie” Stofer, PhD

Assistant Project Director for Immunization Education, EXCITE

Research Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

University of Florida