The EXCITE Newsletter: August 27th, 2021

Should you need any accommodations to participate in EXCITE programming, please contact Melanie Pugsley at We recognize accommodation needs may change and we will do our best to accommodate such changes as they occur.

Link to EXCITE Website 

A2 Pilot Project Survey Question Bank and Reporting Tools

Please check out the newly created bank of survey questions available to use for evaluating EXCITE results. Two survey banks are available, one for COVID-19 vaccine education projects and the other for projects focused on other adult immunizations. Please use the survey questions that are most pertinent to your project’s intended results. These surveys will remain under the reporting heading on the EXCITE website for future reference. As a reminder, the A2 reporting form and the user guide are also available on the EXCITE website.
FDA Messaging Resources on Pfizer Vaccine Approval

FDA grants full approval of the Pfizer vaccine as of August 23, 2021 for people age 16 years and up. See more information in the press release. The de Beaumont Foundation created a one-page document with messaging strategies around FDA approval, and an Answers to Tough Questions page.

Resources for Ivermectin Misinformation

Misinformation continues to spread in many states about the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. Please see these official U.S. health organization recommendations on this topic. The CDC also released a statement with recommendations on public messaging on August 26, 2021.

Making EXCITE Project Personnel and Budget Changes

We understand that many of you may need to change project staff, including PIs, and budgets throughout the duration of the project. We have updated documents under the support heading on the website with instructions on how to enact those changes with the EXCITE program administration. If you need to simply add a contact to your team to receive communications, please email Melanie Pugsley, with the name and email address of the team members to be added. Any team member can also sign up to receive the EXCITE newsletter by filling out the form on the website located below the leadership section.

EXCITE Standard Language, Funding Sources, and Credit

We have created a document with standard language detailing the EXCITE Project, funding sources and partners, and other information that we request you use in future press releases. Having our funders mentioned in the article is a great way to secure our partnership. The statements are on the website under the support heading for your future reference. As a reminder, please send any press releases or other media reports to Michelle Rogers, to help us keep track of and share success stories. Please also upload these as assets in your project reports.

Project Reminders:

Aug. 31st – Activity 1 Vaccinate with Confidence Monthly reports due, submitted via web form

Aug. 31st – Activity 2 Pilot projects First Quarterly Report due, submitted via web form 

Sep. 2nd 3:00 – 4:30 PM ET, Spotlight Session for all A1 and A2 teams

Follow Up from the Ad Council August Spotlight Presentation

The CNN Español programs referenced by the Ad Council in their August presentation will be online shortly in their Hispanic Toolkit. Please note they were produced before the Delta variant surge so it does not include info on the Delta variant. The Ad Council is also producing a weekly newsletter with Hispanic outreach updates. To be added, please send an email to
Two parts of the program are available below:

Part 1

Part 2

CDC Back to School Webinar

The CDC is hosting a back-to-school webinar for rural educators on Tuesday, Aug 31st 7 PM ET. See this flyer for more information.

Thanks for your continued work on your projects, please let us know if you have any questions or how we can best serve you.




Michelle Rodgers

Associate Dean and Director

University of Delaware

EXCITE Project Director


Kathryn “Katie” Stofer, PhD

Assistant Project Director for Immunization Education, EXCITE

Research Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

University of Florida