The EXCITE Newsletter: September 16th, 2021

Submit Influenza Vaccination Questions for CDC


The CDC requested A1 and A2 teams submit questions pertaining to what teams have faced in the community relating to COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations. The CDC will address these questions at the October Spotlight, so please send any questions by September 30th. Submit questions here.

A2 Teams Invited to Join the Impact Collaborative

The Extension Foundation invites all Activity 2 EXCITE teams to participate in the Impact Collaborative Summit (virtual) from October 5th – 7th, 2021 and invites your community partners to also attend. For EXCITE projects, membership in the Extension Foundation is not required. There is no cost to attend this event. To learn more and to register for the event, click here.

Use Connect Extension to Advertise EXCITE Events

We encourage EXCITE teams to utilize Connect Extension to advertise your upcoming events to a large audience of Extension Professionals and partners. Connect Extension is a platform for Cooperative Extension to connect, share, post articles, blogs, and events. To start posting events, create an account for free, join the Health and Wellness subgroup, and post your event to the main calendar or the Health and Wellness subgroup calendar. Be sure to include all registration and event details in your event post. View the LSU EXCITE team’s event post for their webinar on Connect Extension main calendar for your reference.

Leadership Corner


The Extension Foundation Leadership Development Specialist, Karl Bradley, has shared some resources from the Connect Extension Blog that are applicable for the EXCITE Teams. The first is a blog on E-mail tips and tricks, E-mail Issues? Read this. The second is a blog on what to do when you are feeling overwhelmed. Be on the lookout for more articles from Karl, and check out the rest of his post on Connect Extension!

12 COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies for Your Community Resource


The CDC created a guide to support the Work of Health Departments and Community Organizations. The guide highlights 12 strategies derived from evidence-based practices that are being applied in communities across the country to promote vaccine confidence and uptake.

COVID-19 Children’s Coloring Storybook

The CDC, CDC Foundation, and Oklahoma Tribal Engagement Partners created a  20-page coloring book Community Protectors: Children Help Communities Stay Safe from COVID-19 youth coloring book available for free download.  The coloring book follows CDC Eagle Books characters through a culturally relevant storyline with science-based messages and lively illustrations. This resource can be used to teach children—specifically, American Indian and Alaska Native children ages 5-10—on ways they can stay safe and help protect their communities from the spread of COVID-19.

CDC Influenza Vaccination Recommendations and Guidance with COVID-19 Vaccines Webinar


The Clinical Outreach Call Activity webinar on September 9th provided updates on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations for the 2021-2022 influenza vaccination season and guidance for coadministration of influenza and COVID-19 vaccines. View the webinar and accompanying presentation for further information.

CDC Resource on Early Treatment with Flu Antiviral for Children

A new CDC study showed that early treatment with flu antivirals in children hospitalized with flu was associated with shorter hospitalizations, adding to the evidence supporting early antiviral treatment in kids hospitalized with flu. Children at higher risk for severe flu illness due to their age or an underlying health condition should be treated early in the course of flu illness.

Thanks for your continued work on your projects, please let us know if you have any questions or how we can best serve you.


Michelle Rodgers

Associate Dean and Director

University of Delaware

EXCITE Project Director

Kathryn “Katie” Stofer, PhD

Assistant Project Director for Immunization Education, EXCITE

Research Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

University of Florida