The EXCITE Newsletter: February 17th, 2022

February and March Reporting Reminders

Several important notes about upcoming and overdue reports. As a reminder,  this is the end of the quarter, which means we have a program team report due to CDC and need to include your data!

  • February 15 – A1 quarterly financial reports were due.
  • February 28 – A1 monthly and A2 quarterly evaluation reports due. Note that for this month that you will have to re-enter your demographics for the target population to help with updating the new visualization dashboard.
  • March 15 – A2 quarterly financial reports will be due.

A1 Final Report Coming Soon – Preview in March 3rd Spotlight

We are currently finishing the design of the A1 final technical evaluation reports. We will be reviewing the expectations and information at the March 3rd Spotlight, so we invite you to bring partners who might be contributing to the report to this date.

Resource for Teams- Psychological Safety

Karl Bradley, Extension Foundation leadership specialist has a resource he recommends for teams, the Manager Actions for Psychological Safety, which gives you a quick guide on how to create and foster psychological safety on your team with cited sources.