The EXCITE Newsletter: February 24th, 2022

February and March Reporting Reminders

Several important notes about upcoming reports. Please remember this is the end of the quarter, which means we have a program team report due to CDC and need to include your data!

  • February 15 – A1 quarterly financial reports were due.
  • February 28 – A1 monthly and A2 quarterly evaluation reports due. Note that for this month that you will have to re-enter your demographics for the target population to help with updating the new visualization dashboard.
  • March 15 – A2 quarterly financial reports will be due.

March Spotlight: A1 Project Wrap-up and No-cost Extensions

A1 Teams – we will be dedicating a great deal of our March Spotlight to the A1 Final Program and Financial Reports for teams who are or will be finishing soon. Contractually, you must continue reporting until you have submitted your early completion date. Guidelines for Early Completion (projects requesting end date of Feb. 28 or Mar. 31) can be found on the website and here: Early Completion Process Doc.
Also, while we hope most teams will finish on time, we will also discuss the possibility of no-cost extensions for teams who need a little more time than the original end of project date of April 30.

Please note: No-cost extension requests will be due March 31.

Guidelines for No-cost extension requests can be found on the website and here: No Cost Extension Process Doc.