The EXCITE Newsletter April 21st, 2022

Congratulations to the First Teams Finishing A1 Projects!

We are thrilled to share that some of our teams have finished up and even submitted all of their project evaluation reports: University of Wyoming and Red Lake Nation College. University of Wyoming and Red Lake Nation College. Wyoming reached 55,112 people total with their Pandora ads, and Red Lake Nation reached 420 people with their video and mail campaign. See the Red Lake Nation Spotlight here, and Wyoming Spotlight here! Congratulations for all of your hard work.

Spotlights Continue with A1 NCEs

Due to the continuation of some A1 projects with no-cost extensions, our Spotlights will continue through October. Please continue to attend especially for the duration of your extended project. Once you wrap up, everyone is welcome to continue to attend (especially to share!) on the first Thursday of each month, 3:-4:30pm ET. May 5th will feature a series of projects sharing their efforts.

New Dashboard – Check your Project Description and Send your Reports


Check out the new EXCITE Dashboard – A1 and A2 data are now both included. Please double-check that your Project Description for each of your projects is correct; some of them read more like activity reports. Please send to any changes or corrections to your description to Isabel Osborne, And don’t forget to share the dashboard widely so people can see the impactful work you are doing! This Dashboard also includes your project’s Spotlight videos!

Please also remember to send your project reports on time – we cannot update the dashboard with the latest data until ALL project reports are in each month or we miss out on showcasing your data! We’re still waiting on about 10 March reports so we can update with March data.

CDC Updated Booster Guidance

As you continue to field questions about boosters and whether to get a 4th vaccination, remember to check the CDC’s website for guidance. They have updated guidance as of April 19th and will keep posting the latest information there.

A1 Monthly Reporting Reminder – Reports are Due up to and Including your Final Project Month

For all A1 teams without a no cost extension (NCE):

Don’t forget to submit a final *monthly* report on April 30th. Your financial report will be due June 30 and final evaluation/technical reports will be due by July 31st, but can be submitted as soon after April 30th as you like.


For any A1 team with a NCE:

Continue to submit monthly reports for the duration of your extension (reference your contract if needed), including the final month. You will also then have up to an additional 60 days for your financial report 90 days to submit the final evaluation/technical report.