The EXCITE Newsletter: May 19th, 2022

EXCITE A1 Teams Finishing in April

Congratulations to a number of teams who have wrapped up their A1 projects! As a reminder, each of these teams has a few final tasks for reporting so we can report all of our states’ good work to NIFA and on our dashboard!

  1. Complete an April monthly project evaluation report. We do need a monthly report for the last month of your project in addition to the final reports – even if you do not have new numbers to report. These are now overdue, so please submit ASAP.
  2. Complete your final budget report by June 30th.
  3. Complete your final evaluation report by July 31st.


You can submit either or both of these reports ahead of the deadlines as well! For any questions on reporting, please contact

Upcoming Project Sharing

The Extension Foundation Series, Program Center Stage, will be highlighting the EXCITE project. Please do join us on Monday, June 27th 2PM ET to hear our overview of Year 1 and several individual EXCITE projects as well. Anyone in Cooperative Extension is welcome to join this session. Going forward, we will use the summer and early fall Spotlight sessions to share the great work of our finishing A1 projects. We hope you will continue to attend, learn, and ask questions to spread the word of all we have worked so hard on this year. You can re-register if needed at this link.

EXCITE-ing Conference News 


EXCITE had a strong presence and set of presentations from EXCITE A1, A2, and the program team at the National Health Outreach Conference in Kansas City. It was really inspiring and affirming to see the good work presented and see people in person! The EXCITE program team will next be represented with a presentation at the National Association of County and City Health Officials Conference in Atlanta, July 20th, 11am. We will also be sharing a poster at the Association of Extension Administrators’ Conference (1890’s Land Grant Institutions) in Orlando at the end of July. If you will be at either of those, let us know!

Reminder for May A2 Quarterly Reports and Holiday


A2 Quarterly reports are due Tuesday, May 31st. This day is immediately after the Monday Memorial Day Holiday. We wish you a great holiday, and look forward to hearing about your great work.