THe EXCITE Newsletter: May 5th, 2022

New survey on Rural Residents’ Barriers and Hesitancy for COVID-19 Vaccines

The National Rural Health Association announced the results recently of a survey conducted in February 2022.  The survey polled rural residents on COVID-19 vaccine attitudes, barriers, and needs. While health care providers and universities still enjoy high levels of trust among rural residents, unvaccinated rural residents have lower trust in these groups and may or may not consult family and their personal physicians before choosing whether to vaccinate themselves. A full breakdown of responses can be found here, and a three-page summary of the data is here

CDC’s Adult Vaccination Assessment Tool Shared at Strategy Session 


At our recent EXCITE A2 Strategy Session, CDC Lt. Neil Murthy shared an online tool for adults age 19 and up to determine what recommended vaccinations may exist for their age group. Also available in Spanish, the assessment will generate a list for folks to discuss with their doctors. The very informative and engaging sessions in the Strategy Session included “Other Immunization” with the CDC, “Life After COVID-19” with Doctor Alex McDonald, and “Iteration” with Dr. Lindsey Haynes. Watch the full Strategy Session here!

Podcast with EXCITE Engagement Coordinators


1890 Engagement Coordinator Dawn Burton and 1994 Engagement Coordinator Maggie Grandon were interviewed for the Connect Extension podcast on their roles as Engagement Coordinators for the EXCITE project. Dawn and Maggie speak about what projects and institutions have really inspired them in their roles, their regions’ challenges in this project, and what system-wide programs can do to better recruit and build sustainability with 1890 and 1994 institutions. There are also  testimonials from 1890 and 1994 EXCITE project members about the positive impact Dawn and Maggie have had on their projects in the last year included in the article as well! Read and listen here.

More Kudos for EXCITE Teams!

Alabama Cooperative Extension’s EXCITE work will be recognized in June at the Association of Communications Excellence Conference with gold and bronze awards for their Get the Shot campaign. Read more here.


  • Get the Shot, Crisis Communication


  • Get the Shot, Social Media Campaign (Paid)
  • Get the Shot, Marketing Communications Campaign with Budget Under $1,000
  • Get the Shot, Social Media Graphics Single or Series

Remember to keep sharing your work widely, including nominating yourselves for these awards. Then let us know when you garner those well-deserved wins!

Word Continues to Spread about EXCITE’s Good Work

lf your ears were burning recently, it may be because the CDC shared news of EXCITE’s great successes with Congress recently. The project highlight came in a monthly healthy equity report. Congratulations!