The EXCITE Newsletter: August 19th, 2022

A1 Teams Finished 


Congrats to the teams who finished their A1 projects these past few weeks! These final reports show the resilience, innovation and hard work went into implementing these projects! Job well done to Purdue University, Oklahoma State University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Rutgers University, Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College, West Virginia State University, Louisiana State University, University of Nevada, Reno University of Tennessee and Texas A&M University.

A1 Final Reports location

For those of you finishing A1 projects, there is a link to both the final report and a checklist for project closeout on the Team Resources web site in the Program Reporting section. Remember to submit a monthly report (due Aug 31) until you have closed out, even if the report says “no additional program activity”. Here’s the monthly A1 reporting form.

A2 Program Quarterly Reports Due August 31st

August ends our current quarter, meaning program reports will be due. Report your progress and share your great work with CDC and NIFA here.