The EXCITE Newsletter: September 16th 2022

Upcoming Info Session on a NEW EXCITE Opportunity!


We now have an NIFA agreement and can provide additional information about the new EXCITE programming opportunity! The new funding will support projects in our LGU Extension communities that address all adult immunization education and vaccine confidence. This opportunity is open to all institutions, regardless of whether they have previously participated in an EXCITE initiative. The new phase of EXCITE will include a Design Phase with monthly workshops and office hours to help prepare projects for implementation. REGISTER for the info session HERE.

Join us for October Spotlight

The final Spotlight session will be held in October, and everyone is invited to attend to hear the final project sharing, an update from EXCITE‘s LGU vaccine hesitancy project, and to celebrate the official project end! Spotlight will begin with a short presentation from Washington State University’s “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” LGU vaccine hesitancy project presenting their needs assessment findings for the first time to the EXCITE teams, and the remainder of the time will be dedicated to project sharing and celebrating as a group. We look forward to seeing you and your team there!


There were many EXCITE teams present this week at NEAFCS, including the program team, and we cannot wait to hear how your presentations went! Please continue to let us know about your future presentations, we are so excited to see you share your great work! Pictured is National Program Team members Lindsey Haynes Maslow, Laura Downey and Dawn Burton at NEAFCS this week!