Evaluating a System-wide Project: An interview with the EXCITE evaluation team!

We are excited to have Isabel Osborne and Laura Downey to discuss their involvement in the evaluation and reporting process for the system-wide Extension Collaboration on Immunization Teaching and Engagement (EXCITE) Project. Isabel and Laura have been integral in developing a comprehensive and dynamic system for evaluating the EXCITE project’s progress and success. Q: Isabelle and Laura, could you please […]

Unique Strengths of the EXCITE Project: Providing evidence-based information in an understandable form and using multiple delivery methods

he Extension Collaboration for Immunization, Teaching, and Engagement (EXCITE) project was created to reduce vaccine hesitancy in rural and medically underserved communities. Funded by the CDC through an Interagency Agreement with USDA NIFA and a cooperative agreement with the Extension Foundation, the team has four goals: reduce hesitancy, increase communication between populations and health systems, increase accessibility to clinics and help implement public health programs. The EXCITE teams were able to leverage the unique strengths of the Cooperative Extension System (CES) to respond to the global pandemic and deliver immunization education to their targeted audiences. Extension utilized its tools, knowledge, and connections to communities to reduce barriers to COVID-19 […]

The EXCITE Project: Impact of Immunization Education Programs at 1890 Institutions

The 1890 Universities Foundation collaborated with the Extension Foundation to implement the system-wide program, Extension Collaborative on Immunization, Teaching and Engagement (EXCITE). EXCITE addresses barriers and increases confidence about COVID–19, flu, and other vaccinations among rural and medically underserved audiences and informs CDC, USDA–NIFA, Cooperative Extension, and health partners about how best to implement public health programs to reduce health disparities. EXCITE projects at 1890 Institutions strive to promote health, remove disparities, and empower Black communities through immunization education programs. The “Vaccinate with Confidence“ campaign was completed in October of 2022 and educated various target populations about the importance of immunizations against COVID–19 in order to increase vaccine confidence. Seventeen 1890 institutions participated in the one–year project. Immunization Education Pilots develop and evaluate new strategies to inform best practices for future vaccination education programming. Immunization Education Pilots are two–year projects that will wrap up in May 2023. These projects have been busy creating and testing messages, as well as learning from the communities about how CES, CDC, and local healthcare providers could collaborate to inform and reach people with adult immunization education. Five 1890 institutions were chosen to lead these initiatives. 1890 EXCITE project’s impact: Seventeen 1890 LGUs participated in EXCITE 3,605,836 and couting individuals reached 98 counties in 17 states reached 2 Native American reservations reached 80 community and healthcare partners formed Learn more about the 1890 EXCITE projects: EXCITE […]

EXCITE Program Shares Regional Impact Stories

We are pleased to share with you a regional compilation of data for the EXCITE project.  The EXCITE project was truly a system-wide effort, encompassing institutions from all 6 regions. These infographics are intended to provide an understanding of the regional and national efforts of the institutions that participated in EXCITE. This data originates from […]

EXCITE Design Phase Deadline Extended to November 30th, 2022

The application for the EXCITE Design Phase has been extended to November 30th, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST. The application is short, here are the requirements: Contact Information for Principal Investigator, Administrative Contact, and Financial Contact Subrecipient Information for FFATA Reporting (DUNS Name & Number, etc…) Letter of Support from Extension Director/Administrator Budget Template/Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate […]

8 New 1994 LGUs will Join EXCITE as Pilot Projects!

We are so excited to announce 8 new 1994 institutions are joining the EXCITE Activity 2 program Immunization Education Pilots Projects. These funded projects work cooperatively with the CDC, local health professionals and programs to improve immunization rates with priority populations. The purpose is to create and test innovative delivery methods for each pilot project […]

New Regional Impact Stories Available for Download

We are pleased to share with you a regional compilation of data for the EXCITE project.  These infographics are intended to provide an understanding of the regional and national effort. This data originates from the monthly reports also available on the EXCITE Dashboard that each of the institutions provides and is inclusive through July,2022. There […]

EXCITE Year 1 Annual Report

Find the EXCITE annual report here, which details the first year of the EXCITE project and was created by the EXCITE National Program team and the Extension Foundation. The report describes the EXCITE project’s goals, the unique strengths Extension brings to immunization education, the pivots the project had to make to adapt to the ever-changing […]

NEW EXCITE RFA: Design Phase

REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS EXCITE: Design Phase   ELIGIBILITY: Non-competitive phase available to ALL Land-grant universities (LGUs) (1862, 1890, 1994) by completing a simple online application. Submit only one application per institution. AWARD AMOUNT: $10,000 TIMELINE:  Application Open: September 22, 2022 Application Deadline: November 1, 2022, November 30, 2022, 11:59 PM PST Award Period: October 1, 2022 […]

Celebrating EXCITE Vaccine in Education Projects Reaching Over 11 Million People!

We are celebrating EXCITE Vaccine Education Projects reaching over 11 million people through their 1st year. After calculating the data from the June program reports, EXCITE total reach came to 11,201,951 people! Bringing crucial Vaccine Education to this number of people during a challenging year is a significant accomplishment for the EXCITE project. This figure […]