The EXCITE Newsletter: March 10th, 2022

EXCITEing opportunity – Help Lead New 1994 Institution-focused Effort

The EXCITE team is searching for a coordinator for an adult vaccine education project supporting 1994 Land-Grant Institutions, also known as Tribal Colleges. Read the job posting here and please share the announcement widely.

Update on Spotlights for May and Beyond

While some A1 teams will be wrapping up soon, don’t forget that our 1st Thursday Spotlights will continue past April. We encourage all A1 teams to continue to attend, especially this summer, as we will continue to highlight A1 projects we haven’t yet heard from and share our learnings. Watch this newsletter space as well – in the forthcoming weeks we will be reminding you of other scholarly opportunities to share the great work you’ve been doing through EXCITE.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter – Internal Hesitancy Research Podcast

The Washington State University EXCITE project to address our internal vaccine and vaccine education hesitancy, Getting to the Heart of the Matter, has begun its work in earnest. Over the next few months, you will likely receive an invitation to participate in their research and professional development programs. The team recently released a podcast giving an overview of their plans and the need for this work. Find out more by listening to this episode.

Correction and Reminder – NIFA EXCITE Press Release

We recently shared a press release drafted by NIFA for EXCITE teams to modify and use to promote their efforts. We regret that we found an error in the release regarding the full name of the EXCITE project. The corrected version of the press release is still available for your use at this link.